Alex Schwanke

Owner | Head Trainer

about us

From a young age, I knew dog sports were my calling.

At 7 years old I got the agility “bug” and starting running Joe Cool as a Junior Handler beside my mom (Julie Lacoursiere). It wasn’t long before my mom realized I needed a dog of my own which is when Kooper came into the equation. Kooper and I grew together, learning many different dog sports such as Agility, Flyball, Frisbee & Dock Diving. Kooper went on to achieve her Agility Trial Champion of Canada (ATChC) in August of 2011 followed by her Versatility Bronze Award of Merit in 2015. Kooper and I also travelled across Canada competing in multiple Regional and National Championship events.

Fast forward to 2017, Brooks – the sweetest Black Lab – was born! Brooks has been the heart of it all not only being the dog featured in the logo but also a big part in making Dog On It Sports what it is today. Brooks and I currently compete in Agility where he has earned his ATChC (February 2022) and his Versatility Bronze Excellence (September 2022). We have gone on to compete at the 2022 AAC Regional Championships placing 4th overall as well as the 2022 AAC National Championships placing 3rd overall. Brooks and I are avid Dock Diving competitors. He currently holds his Dock Master Advance title while also earning an invite and attending the 2022 NADD Canadian Regionals. In the time between Dock Diving and Agility competitions/training, Brooks and I are also passionate upland bird hunters.

My idea of a perfect agility run or dock diving jump is one where FUN was had and both the dog and the handler are smiling at the end! This also pertains to training – where laughs and smiles are a must! With over 20 years of experience, I’m excited to help you build the best relationship between you and your pup!

Julie Lacoursiere


about us

I started agility back in 2004 with my Black Lab – Joe Cool!

We dabbled in it for a couple of years, got a few legs towards titles but my main focus was Alex’s sports. My instructor was moving away and her students asked if I would take the business over and keep the lessons going….this was the start of Dog On It Agility. Fast forward to 2011, Alex was going to be graduating in 2 years and I would become an “empty nester”! I needed another dog that would keep me busy! On January 1st, 2012 Jagger was born! I flew down to South Carolina to pick her up hoping one day I would just be able to achieve an ATChC with her! She turned out to be my “once in a lifetime dog” that loves every sport we do – Dock diving, Scenting, Barn! She won AAC Regionals twice as well as placed 3rd and 7th (x2) at Nationals. On March 2014 we got her ATChC! Fast forward to April 2022 – we obtained her Versatility Lifetime Award and on February 5, 2023 we got her Lifetime Achievement Award of Merit. All 3 I never expected to accomplish!

In 2016, I flew down to South Carolina to pick up Feather from my breeder (Jagger’s sister from a previous litter) and “retire” her here in Canada! We taught her agility and we also went on to obtain an ATChC in December 2019! Agility, however was not Feather’s first love so we also train and compete in Dock Diving, Hunting, Scenting and Barn. At 13 years old, her real love is actually being a Pet Wellness dog and loves to volunteer!